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Disruption-Tolerant Networking Implementations of the Bundle Protocol 7

In disruption-tolerant networking (DTN), data is transmitted in a store-carry-forward fashion from network node to network node. Other places also refer to the name delay-tolerant networking, which is the same in this context.

We are presenting free and open source DTN implementations of the recently released Bundle Protocol Version 7 (draft version 31).

DTN7-go is written in Go and provides features like memory safety and concurrent execution. With its modular design and interchangeable components, DTN7-go facilitates DTN research and application development. Furthermore, we did an experimental evaluation of DTN7-go and other DTN systems including Serval, IBR-DTN, and Forban. Our results indicate that DTN7 is a flexible and efficient open-source multi-platform implementation of the most recent Bundle Protocol Version 7.

DTN7-rs is written in Rust and provides an implementation focused on speed. With the rust compiler working with the LLVM backend, it can be compiled for a huge amount of platforms, including WebAssembly to be executed in a browser. A conducted evaluation shows, that the Rust implementation and WebAssembly as a platform provides enough performance for even higher bundle workloads, while at the same time leaving only a minimal memory/storage footprint.

DTN7-kotlin is written in Kotlin, well unit-tested and compatible with DTN7-go’s bpv7 suite. It implements the Bundle Protocol Security Specification.


DTN7-kotlin: A new Implementation

2021 Feb 22

We are very pleased to announce that there is a new DTN implementation which also follows the DTN7 naming scheme, DTN7-kotlin. This implementation from Lucien Loiseau, Nodle.io, is well unit-tested and compatible with DTN7-go’s bpv7 suite. It also implements the Bundle Protocol Security Specification (draft 26).

Getting Started with dtn7-rs

2020 Dec 1

We prepared a getting-started docuemt for dtn7-rs that describes how to use and setup dtn7 in combination with the core network emulator. The steps are also avaibable as a video demonstration.


GHTC 2020 Conference

2020 Oct 31

We presented a simple short messaging system based upon dtn7-rs including an evaluation of different compression algorithms at GHTC 2020. The main focus of this research was on making the most of the limited resources available with LoRa networks. A preprint of the paper is available here.

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Bundle Protocol Version 7, Draft 25

2020 May 22

In the recently published Bundle Protocol Version 7 draft version 25 our two implementations were mentioned. The Implementation Status section shows known implementations. This list now also includes DTN7-go and DTN7-rs.

ISCRAM 2020 Conference

2020 Feb 14

Our paper presenting an approach to facilitate long-range device-to-device communication via smartphones in crisis scenarios got accepted at ISCRAM 2020. An integration of LoRa into DTN7 was presented and evaluated in the paper. A preprint of the paper is available here, the experiment fragments are available in the respective GitHub repository.

Due to the COVID19-pandemic, the ISCRAM 2020 conference unfortunately did not take place. Therefore Artur Sterz will probably present our paper next year.

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36th Chaos Communication Congress

2019 Dec 28

Alvar Penning presented a Lightning Talk at 36c3 in Leipzig, Germany. The talk is available both at media.ccc.de and YouTube, the slides are available online.


ICT-DM 2019 Conference

2019 Dec 18

We presented a paper on browser-based DTN at the ICT-DM 2019 conference in Paris at 18th to 20th of December 2019. Lars Baumgärtner gave his talk in the the 2nd plenary session “Wireless communications for disaster management” December 18th at 4:20 pm. The research paper and the slides of the talk are available online.

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AdHoc-Now 2019 Conference

2019 Oct 01

We presented our initial paper on the AdHoc-Now 2019 conference in Luxembourg at 1st to 3rd October 2019. The talk by Alvar Penning took place in the 3rd technical session “Routing Strategies for WSN”. Download and read the research paper. Download the slides of the talk.

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